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Latihan Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN, Lengkap Dengan Jawabannya Untuk Persiapkan Tesmu!


Latihan Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN, Lengkap Dengan Jawabannya Untuk Persiapkan Tesmu!


Soal Tes Bahasa Inggris BUMN

Soal 1:
I would have gone to your party last night if … time.

B. Would had
C. Had had
D. Have

Jawaban: A. Had

Soal 2:
..., the Alpaca is Smaller than the llama and ordinarily is not used as a beast of burden.

A sure-footed animal
b. That sure-footed animal
c. It is a sure-footed animal
d. A sure-footed animal tha

Jawaban: A. A sure-footed animal

Soal 3:
I counted twenty students at ..., the others were all members of the teaching staff.

A. The least
B. The most
C. The fewest
D. The more

Jawaban: B. The most

Soal 4:
Education in Indonesia is the ..... of school, government and society.

A. responsible
B. responsive
C. responsibly
D. responsibility

Jawaban: D. responsibility

The street all over Jakarta are flooded. … last night.

A. It must be raining
B. There might have rain
C. It must have rained
D. There might have been raining

Jawaban: C. It must have rained

Soal 6:
Don’t persuade Joan‟s husband to buy her a ring, he is rather ... over money matters.

A. Jealous
B. Mean
C. Selfish
D. Greedy

Jawaban: B. Mean

Soal 7:
It was very difficult to park the car in Pondok Indah Mall as there were not any … parking spaces.

A. Vacant
b. Blank
c. Uninhabited
d. Bare

Jawaban : A. Vacant

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The text below has incomplete sentences. Choose the one word or phrase from each number that best completes the sentences.

A common way of gaining knowledge is through experience, which relies on trial‐and‐error learning. One of the authors is reminded of a time when he (8) ... an Old Order Amish farmer while their two 5‐year‐old sons played with a small snapping turtle.
As the Amish boy held the turtle in one hand he would reach out with the other and tap the turtle’s beak with his index finger, jerking it away as the animal (9) ... in the air. Several times, the farmer interrupted his conversation to warn his son that if he continued (10) ... the turtle, he would be sorry.
Suddenly, the boy (11) ... and dropped the turtle to the ground. As the father retrieved a handkerchief from his pocket and attended to the young boy’s bleeding finger, the man looked into his son’s eyes and said in German (12) ... into “Maybe the turtle has taught you what your father could not.”
The author could not help but feel that his son, who stood in horror (13) ... his Amish friend’s bleeding finger, had also learned something from the experience.
An old adage (14) ... , “experience is the best teacher.” If our knowledge is (15) ... , however, then it is limited indeed, for experience is the best teacher only if we cannot also find other paths to knowledge.

Soal 8:

A. Had interviewed
B. Is interviewed
C. Was interviewed
D. Was interviewing

Jawaban: D. Was interviewing

Soal 9:

A. Harmless snap
B. Snapped harmlessly
C. Snapping harmlessly
D. Was harmlessly snapping

Jawaban: C. Snapping harmlessly

Soal 10:

A. Tease
B. Teased
C. To tease
D. Teasing

Jawaban: D. Teasing

Soal 11:

A. Painful squeal
B. Squeals out in pain
C. Squealed out in pain
D. Squealing out in pain

Jawaban: C. Squealed out in pain

Soal 12:

A. Roughly translates
B. Is roughly translated
C. That is rough translation
D. What is roughly translated

Jawaban: D. What is roughly translated

Soal 13:

A. Looked at
B. Looking at
C. Looked for
D. Looking for

Jawaban: B. Looking at

Soal 14:

A. Claims
B. Claimed
C. Is claimed
D. Is claiming

Jawaban: A. Claims

Soal 15:

A. To limit the personal experiences
B. Limiting personal experiences
C. Limited to personal experiences
D. Experiencing personal limitation

Jawaban: C. Limited to personal experiences

Nah, itu dia informasi sekilas yang bisa kami sampaikan mengenai beberapa latihan soal tes bahasa Inggris BUMN. Semoga bermanfaat.