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Ascomaxx is a well known brand in Indonesia for luxury automotive magazine with the tagline ‘the inspiring automotive lifestyle’. Ascomaxx magazine is published monthly since 11 years ago, and has many loyal readers in the emerging country Indonesia. and Ascomaxx magazine are well synergized under the management of Asco Media.

Asco Media also manage DriveNow! magazine, a monthly car magazine with the tagline ‘ultimate car review and buyer’s guide’, and Motomaxx magazine, a monthly motorcycle magazine with the biggest number of copies in Indonesia.

Motorbike portal, is also under the management of Asco Media. has a vision to become one of the largest and the most trusted automotive web site in Indonesia.


Editorial are M. Hasan (Editor in Chief), Rizki Satria (Managing Editor), Amir Hamzah (Managing Editor), Aldi Prihaditama (Editor), Alun Segoro (Editor), MB Lodra (Reporter), Arif Hidayatullah (Photographer), Faris Karnida (Head of Designer), Pury Aryani (Designer), Abdul (Designer), Dika (Designer)

Commercial are Benny Andyanto (Account Manager), Chresna Dwi (Account Executive), Radieli Lahagu (Account Executive)

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Stanley Setia Atmadja (Chairman), Audy The Khe Po (Managing Director), Andy Kwet Bun (Division Head), Alvina Atmadja (Deputy Division Head)


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